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[custom design] gift tags

[custom design] gift tags

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Print Method

foil stamping

  • 1-color foil stamp
    • plates are made in your custom design, then the hot plate die presses against the foil; as it presses into the paper, it transfers from the foil onto the paper, leaving a beautiful design with a subtle texture.
  • Foil inks are opaque, so more color combinations are available
  • matte, brushed, and shiny foil ink options available
  • white or colored paper (65+ colors)
  • *may ship more quickly than letterpress



  • 1-color letterpress
    • plates are made in your custom design, then inked and pressed into the paper, leaving a beautifully debossed design.
  • hand stamped indention
  • Letterpress ink is slightly transparent
  • white paper, only 
  • *longer turnaround time


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