Print Methods

at The Essential Market, we love to offer a variety of print methods for our range of products.


Digital Printing
or, "full color" printing is the only print method that does not require a plate made of your design. Digital printing has a faster turnaround time and a lower cost when printing on paper. Digital printing does not leave any texture on the paper, and will be smooth to touch and is required for multi-colored images such a photographs or watercolor artwork. 
Items offered include: cups, napkins, koozies, personal stationery, invitations, birth announcements, stickers


Screen Printing
Screen Printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a plastic film. Ink is mixed by hand using the Pantone Color System, and each color is printed one at a time.
Items offered include: 1 or 2 color prints on cups, koozies, napkins


Letterpress printing is a hand-pressed process, created by using a copper plate with your custom design and imprinting the design into the paper. This creates an imprint in the paper, so you can feel the intention when you run your fingers along the paper. Letterpress ink is not fully opaque, so it is best on white or ivory colored paper.
Items offered include: gift tags, personal stationery, invitations, birth announcements


Foil Stamping
Foil Stamping is opaque foil stamped onto the paper. A die is created in your design, and pressed into the paper with the foil. This is best used for colored papers, and for shiny or metallic prints.
Items offered include: napkins, matchboxes, ribbon, gift tags, personal stationery, invitations


Thermography is a raised ink print method. You can feel the ink raised when you run your fingers along the paper. This is a more cost effective method to engraving, and is best used for white paper.
Items offered include: personal stationery, invitations and birth announcements