At the essential market,

Our mission is to blend customization with ease so that those throwing luxury events, hosting everyday celebrations, or looking to elevate everyday life, are able to make any occasion memorable with thoughtful and personalized party essentials and custom gifts.‎ 

Whether you’re hosting, celebrating, giving a gift, or at home, we make it easy to elevate any occasion with thoughtfully customized essentials.

We can't wait to personalize your party®!

  • Camille Moughon | co-founder

    Camille thrives at the intersection of business & creativity, with professional experience in philanthropy and business development.

    Since before she can remember, Camille has been planning events and social gatherings, both professionally and personally. Camille is continuously inspired by international travel and extraordinary people. She loves to host a great party.

    As Co-founder, Camille leads Operations and Strategy for The Essential Market. 
  • Emily Trevino | co-founder

    Emily has past professional experience working in the interior design + architecture industry, with a discerning eye for aesthetics and graphics.

    She loves beautiful paper, parties, and all things personalized. Emily finds true joy in bringing celebrations to life with those extra special touches, through color and typography with curated custom designs that are both classic and clever.

    As Co-founder and Design Director, Emily leads our Design Studio.