Upload Your Own Art

Upload your custom logo or artwork file using our customizer tool, and view a proof instantly.

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2// Shop our collections, ready to be personalized

You can shop our designs by theme, occasion or product type.

These designs are unique to The Essential Market, and ready for your personalization.

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Shop our designs under the 'Shop Our Designs' tab, at the top of the page.

3 // Create your own by working with our Design Team

Dream up your own, custom-designed party items by first choosing your products and color(s). You can upload artwork files for our team to review, or request a design from our Design Team to bring your vision to life!

All orders include a digital proof so you can be sure your items look perfect before they begin production.

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4 // If you need a bit more guidance, order a Design Package

This option is perfect for clients who want a little more guidance, and would like to be presented with designs prior to ordering specific product and quantities.

  • Provides the opportunity to work virtually one-on-one with one of our designers.

  • We gather design input from you, and then present you with a design suite of party essentials prior to ordering.

  • This package is best suited for events in no less than two month's time.
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