Quantity Suggestions


 We hope you find these quantity suggestions to be helpful when planning + ordering for your party, special event or wedding! 


    Cups: 2 drinks per person, per hour 
    Napkins: 2-4 per guest for showers or smaller parties, 4-6 per guest for weddings
    Koozies: .5 - 1 per guest
    Matchboxes: .5 - 1 per guest
    Guest Towels: .5-1 per guest, per hour 
    Stir Sticks: .5 - 1 per guest


    A few things to keep in mind:

    • The suggestions above are per event unless indicated
    • Calculate the hours you will be serving food + beverages
    • Will there be other drinks that do not require a cup -- for example, water bottles or canned beverages 
    • We find it is nice to have cocktail napkins sitting out at the bar and scattered throughout, and served with any passed food
    • Extras make fun keepsakes!