A Super Mario Birthday Party featuring The Essential Market


A family's home was transformed for their son's Super Mario themed birthday party, which was brought to life by many details and designs, including The Essential Market's personalized products.

The party showcased color and creativity, featuring a custom party logo designed by The Essential Market's team of graphic artsits. The logo was showcased on the bar and various party accessories. 

The bar featured personalized water bottle labels and stadium cups, and a custom cocktail sign

Guests indulged in colorful slurpees showcased in cups themed with the Super Wilder party logo. Stickers were added to the treat bags for children's party favors, which was a candy bar!

No detail was missed at this epic Super Mario World birthday party. Custom stickers were used on lunchboxes, waterbottles, and treats. The table was set with personalized place mats for each child. 

Planner: MO&CO

Products Featured by The Essential Market: Custom Stadium Cups, Bar Signages, Personalized Water Bottle Labels & Stickers.

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